AFFORDABLE LEAD TESTING is a family-owned lead paint inspection company. We specialize in helping Philadelphia landlords obtain Lead Safe Certificates for rental properties. Our experienced, EPA Certified Lead Dust Sampling Technicians, are committed to providing high quality and affordable service. We have built a reputation for our expertise, professionalism, and integrity. We have several years of experience working with tenants, property managers and property owners. Our goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience. Your safety is our priority.



Many homes and condominiums built before 1978 have lead-based paint

As of October 1, 2020

Philadelphia landlords are required to test and certify rental properties as lead-safe or lead-free in order to A) execute a new or renewed lease or B) receive or renew a rental license. The requirement applies to all residential properties, but it will be phased in by zip code over two years. Please see the link below for more detailed information and frequently-asked questions about how the law will be applied. 

Our Lead Safe Testing services includes a four-step process

Visual Inspection

Our technician will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your property to determine that the property is free of deteriorated, flaking, chipping, peeling, chalking or not-intact paint. If the paint is intact, the next step is to collect dust sampling.

Dust Sampling

Our technician will collect interior dust samples to determine if the property is lead-safe. Samples will be collected by wiping the floor and windowsill of each bedroom and one common area.

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Laboratory Analysis

All samples will be individually sent to an approved EPA lab for analysis. Because samples are sent individually, in the rare case a sample does not pass, you will know exactly which room needs to be retested. This saves you time and money, as you do not have to retest the entire home or apartment.

Deliver Documents

Upon successful passing of steps 1 through 3, you will receive your Lead Safe Certificate, Laboratory Report, and Filing Instructions for Philadelphia Public Health Department.

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